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5 Reasons to spend money on security screen doors

People frequently consider securing their windows first when considering home security investments. Movies and other media frequently convey the idea that if a burglar wants to enter your home, they’re most likely to target your windows. In reality, the reverse is true. Security for your doors should be your first priority if you want to invest your hard-earned money where the statistics suggest you should.

Fortunately, there are strategies for safeguarding these home doors. Security screen doors are designed specifically to keep intruders from taking advantage of your home’s primary entry. They are more expensive , but if you want to put your money toward a tried-and-true safety and solution, you should look into your options. Here are five reasons why installing a security screen door is a must when considering your home security strategy.

  1. Non-removable hinges

The non-removable hinges are one of the first features of security screen doors that we appreciate. You’ve probably heard of someone taking the hinges off a door to break into a house, whether you watched it in a movie or on television. You won’t need to be concerned about it any more after you get a security screen door. Some of the most secure goods on the market are security screen doors since they have hinges that cannot be removed.

  1.  Enhanced frame strength than ordinary door: Compared to other types of doors, the frames on a security screen door are far more sturdy. When it comes to the type of material used to construct the doors, you have three choices: steel, aluminium, or a metal alloy. The ideal material to use is typically steel because it only needs to be 2-3 inches wide to safeguard your property. Doors constructed of aluminium and metal alloys must be at least 6 inches thick since they are less durable.
  1. No windows are there: Thieves can also take advantage of windows. As a result, there won’t be any on your security screen door. Any window presents a chance for someone to break the glass, unlock your door from the inside, and enter. Any potential thief’s access is effectively blocked by the security screen door you have installed.

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