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How to Destroy ATV Parts in Five Simple Steps

Pick up some ATV parts and accessories if you need to perform some overdue maintenance. Here are some simple steps to destroy your ATV parts.

  1. Do Not Change the ATV Parts (Air Filter):-

Engines require air to function, and if they are sucking in gritty dirt particles, they will wear out. ATV riding is frequently a dust fest, so clean and replace your air filter on a regular basis. This is a simple and inexpensive part to replace.

  • Do Not Replace the Oil:-

The more you ride and the rougher the ride, the more likely your oil will become contaminated with water, dirt, and debris. Replace the oil as recommended by the owner’s manual. In most cases, this equates to once a year, but if you ride frequently, change it more frequently. It’s a good idea to replace it before storing your vehicle for the winter and after riding through deep water or mud.

  • Never double-check or tighten your bolts:-

There are numerous bolts that hold your quad together, and you must check them on a regular basis to ensure that the wheels do not fall off. All of the bouncing and jolting of off-roading can loosen bolts, and the loose they are, the more likely it is that parts and components will flex, crack, or otherwise be damaged. Check and tighten everything when you’re doing other maintenance, including skid plate bolts, wheel hubs, lug nuts, axle nuts, pivot bolts, and sprocket bolts.

  • You Shouldn’t Wash Your Quad:-

Caked-on mud and crud can promote corrosion, so clean it on a regular basis, particularly after big mud parties. Pay special attention to the undercarriage and other difficult-to-see and difficult-to-access areas.

  • Allow the Fuel to Degrade:-

If you don’t ride your quad for a few months, the gas in the tank will begin to degrade and become contaminated. Bad fuel clogs the lines, resulting in poor performance at best and engine damage at worst.

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