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Top 7 CMS Platforms To Build A Website in 2022!

2022 is an era of technology, and undoubtedly, people are taking the technology transformation seriously. If we look forward to the CMS platform to start a website in the previous decades, then these were confined to certain options only. But right now, with technological advancement, multiple portals are available, and people are very happy to consider them.

If you are also shifting to an online portal and looking forward to creating your website, you must be aware of the top 7 CMS platforms to start your website in 2022.

Here we are sharing all the details considering the portals so that you can take the decision accordingly and get in touch with the best web development agency who can help you get it. Let’s have a look at the top seven CMS platforms you can consider for starting your website!

Top 7 CMS platforms to consider:-

1.      WordPress

WordPress is one of the most important CMS platforms available today. It is also known as self-hosted WordPress. It allows users to create websites easily. Do understand that there are two versions of WordPress available: self-hosted WordPress CMS and It depends on the user which one they wish to choose. It provides you with control of every aspect of the websites and is helpful in boosting their online presence. It also has some free pre-made themes that can be utilized according to your business requirements. 

Speaking about the interface of the portal, it is very simple to understand, and users will not face any sort of difficulty with it. They will be able to check out everything in detail because the help guide is also available on the portal, and they can simply browse through it.

2.      HubSpot Website Builder

The HubSpot website builder is the choice of all the professionals around. It has a powerful content management platform for all marketers and small business owners. The technology embedded in it makes it one of the most significant choices around. For most small businesses, the problem is the lack of knowledge and other factors. But at that point in time, the web development agency they approach can help them out.

They listen to the small business concerns and suggest the website builder, which is helpful in creating the website within minutes. The interface may appear to be quite difficult to understand initially, but within a while, you will be able to get the hang of it.

3.      WooCommerce

The WooCommerce website builder is ruling out the era. We are pretty sure you might have heard about this best website builder for E-Commerce sites. It is for e-commerce sites because of the interface and the options available. It is open-source software that helps us build on top of WordPress. Users just need to check out the extensions integrated, and within a while, they will be able to get the right options available.

People will be able to build websites with custom domains. Along with that, they can create product landing pages with the help of different options integrated. It also features live chat software, which is very important for an e-commerce platform. But understand that it is a self-hosted e-commerce platform, which means you need to understand all the aspects related to it to use it efficiently.

4. Website Builder

The website builder is one of the best domain registrars available to date. It has multiple website solutions available, and users can use them accordingly. This portal offers a drag and drop option that helps a small business create a website easily. If users are looking to create an e-commerce site, they can easily do it. All the powerful features that can be expected from a well-known website builder. The major features making it one of the best choices include website analytics, E-Commerce functionality, adding a blog to any website and so on. It also has a free SSL certificate available with all the plans. 

5.      Shopify

When we are talking about the top CMS platforms to use in 2022, we cannot forget to consider Shopify. It is another e-commerce website builder available. If you are looking forward to starting your online store, then this portal will help you out. It is a full-fledged hosting E-Commerce software, and there will be no need for you to worry about anything at all. The best part is that it works in automated mode, which simply means there will be no need for you to worry about installing the update and keeping the backup. It will do it for you. As you approach the red development,

6.      Squarespace

Squarespace is an option for all professionals who are looking for a fully loaded portal. It is a website builder with great designs and a user-friendly interface. Do understand it comes with an enterprise-grade interest structure for hosting the website. It is a secure platform to use, but when it comes to understanding the interface, you will face a lot of difficulties. 

Along with that, the problem that is happening is that it has limited integrations with third-party services only. Thus, when you are looking forward to growing your business, this will create a hindrance.

7.      Dreamhost website builder

The Dreamhouse website builder is also one of the best website builder software programs on the market today. It allows you to build on top of WordPress, and it has different hosting plans available, so you can choose any of them accordingly. It has so many additional features integrated, which help you create the website easily.

Creating a website with the help of a custom domain name and others will help you throughout. The themes available can be used with woo-commerce, which simply means that creating a storefront with the help of Dragon Website Builder will be easier for you.

There are so many other CMS portals available that you can utilize. But do understand that whenever it is about using these portals, you must get well acquainted with the features integrated into them. Every website builder comes up with some limited and unlimited options, which are important to understand. To help you out with it right now, the web development companies that are available offer the best options. You can simply discuss with the web developers your business needs and get the services accordingly.