Progressive Lenses types

What Kinds of Progressive Lenses Are There?

What are Progressive Lenses?

What distinguishes progressive lenses from regular glasses? Typically, single-vision lenses with a single prescription are used in regular eyeglasses. Three prescriptions can be filled in one pair of spectacles with progressive lenses, which are multifocal. They offer three benefits in one pair of glasses.

Types of Progressive Lenses

The most crucial component of progressive eyeglasses is fit. For your needs, your glasses must fit comfortably and perform well. Progressive lenses come in a variety of designs, such as:

  • Progressive lenses for computers
  • Premium progressive lenses
  • Ground-view progressive lenses
  • Standard progressive lenses
  • Short corridor progressive lenses

Progressive lenses for computers: For clear vision in office environments, computer progressive lenses (also known as near variable focus lenses) are devised. When using a computer for more than four hours each day, these lenses are great since they lessen visual fatigue (digital eye strain).

Premium progressive lenses: Wider and smoother views are what premium progressive lenses are intended to offer. These lenses offer a high degree of adaptability to your prescription, selected frame, and eye structure.

Ground-view progressive lenses: Ground-view progressives are best for those who like being outside. These glasses are designed to lessen lens distortion and give your eyesight a more natural feel. They offer enhanced peripheral and bottom vision. You will have better vision while using computers, driving, and looking down.

Standard progressive lenses: The term “standard progressive lenses” refers to just that—regular progressive lenses. Although they have a larger reading area than other lenses, they are less specialized. Standard progressives often require larger frames and have a greater drop between prescriptions.

Short corridor progressive lenses: They are made to fit into compact frames. They sacrifice usefulness for a more stylish appearance.

Some people find it challenging to switch to short corridor progressives due to the size of the lenses. This can occasionally make vision seem more distorted.

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