Geothermal Installation System

How Much Space Is Required for a Geothermal Installation System?

Geothermal Installation heat pumps are fantastic ways to improve home comfort because they use little energy, have few problems with outdoor temperature fluctuations, and emit no emissions from burning fuel. However, geothermal installation systems are not suitable for every home, and one of the reasons for this is the amount of space they require to function properly. A geothermal installation system takes up very little space inside your home; the lines and coils that are installed in trenches beneath and around your home require the space.

How Much Room Will My Geothermal Installation Heating System Require in My Home?

There is no simple answer to the question of how much space a geothermal Installation system will require: it is determined by the amount of heating and cooling power your home requires. In order to find a stable temperature in the earth, the trenches for the coils that carry the vital refrigerant must be at least 6 feet deep. The length of these buried coils will be determined by the size of your home.

For each ton of energy required to heat or cool, approximately 400 to 600 feet of horizontal loops are required. A mid-sized house typically requires a 3-ton unit, which requires 1200 to 1800 feet of coil space. Vertical loops can be used instead of horizontal loops if there is less space available; this usually costs more to install but allows homes with smaller properties to benefit from geothermal Installation energy.

Because the length of coils you will require is determined by how much heating or cooling your home requires, you should bring in experts early in the process to perform a heat load calculation to determine your specific needs. Once the technicians know how many tons of energy you will require, they can estimate the number of coils required and whether you have the necessary space.

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